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Personal Vision


The future is a bit scary to think about. Since I’m not sure which chances I’ll take and opportunities I’ll try, their increasing multitude as the end of high school approaches is intimidating. However, I’m starting to realize that my previous experiences have not only shaped who I am, but who I want to become.


Next fall, I plan to attend a liberal arts college on the East Coast where I can explore my varying intellectual and extracurricular interests. Classes from ACLC and aspects of my Jewish life lead me to think that my studies will include environmental policy, project management, and Judaic studies. After college, I will enroll in the Jewish Service Corps and go abroad strengthening global Jewish communities. When I return, I hope to find a job where I get to work with a team of people and create events or action plans concerning either the environment, Judaism, or some combination of the two. In twenty years, I hope to lead a fulfilling career that both makes me happy and gives back to communities in need. I aspire, by then, to be a traveller and experience snapshots of cultures and people from around the world.  I also hope to have a home of my own and a family to raise with the values and lessons I have learned.


Twenty years is a long time. I have no idea what my life will be like, or if it will even resemble my thoughts now, when I’m thirty-seven. I can only hope that I will find my own definition of success, happiness, and fulfillment, and chase after it.


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